Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the #1 activity on the internet today. This means more people are on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube than on blogs, news sites, and even e-mail. Americans spend 37 minutes a day on Social Media sites and this number will only grow as Social Media sites become much more easily accessible through mobile device advancements.

Why does your business need to be using Social Media?

Three good reasons include:

  • Increasing your customer base
  • Increasing your search engine ranking
  • Increasing your bottom line

Once business decision makers truly understand the importance of Social Media in a modern marketing strategy, engagement is the only logical course of action. By engaging your customers and prospects, you will make sales and generate new leads. But if you engage correctly, you will also enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) for your business so that you show up in important search results more often. Social Media is a great way to build your brand, introduce new products and promotions, provide customer support and communicate with your employees. Engaging in Social Media correctly can make a big difference in your business.

How We Help You Use Social Media:

Social Media Marketing services from us include strategy, content production and analytics.

Our goal is to help you create a Social Media Strategy that fits your business, and to make sure that the money you invest in Social Media is money that ultimately generates returns on that investment.

What Social Media channels should you use? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ or maybe one of the many other networks is a good fit for your business.

Sinn – IT mit Emotion will help you understand the difference between networks, and the advantages of each. – We work with you to create a strategy that lets you engage your target audience. – We’ll help you develop the right kind of content, and help you learn to use the right kind of tools to maintain your Social Media Program.

Sinn – IT mit Emotion will help you conquer the world of Social Media using good old fashioned creativity combined with modern tools and strategies. We’ve been leveraging multiple social channels for years, and along the way, learned a great deal about what works… and what doesn’t. We can save you time, energy and effort in your quest of taking on the challenges of Social Media for your business.



Supergeile Dokumentation (26:55 Min) vom Vice Magazin mit dem Gaststar Mc Eddy „Ich hab mal eben schnell im Alleingang die NSA gebangt“ Snowden, inklusive kurzer Einführung wie man euch per Handy tracken kann und eine Anleitung, wie man die Smartphone Kameras für ein bisschen mehr Sicherheit entfernen kann….

Привет! Skype Translator says Hello to Russian

Here at Skype, we are passionate about breaking down barriers. Whether it be communicating with loved ones at a distance, solving problems in real time, or speaking to someone in an entirely different language, we love bringing people together in new ways.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Russian to the eight other spoken languages available in Skype Translator including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Arabic, which joins the over 50 IM languages in text-to-text translation.

Skype Translator says Hello to RussianRussian is the eighth most popular spoken language in the world and our Russian-speaking customers around the world have always been particularly enthusiastic about Skype Translator. For months, we’ve received many requests to include Russian in Skype Translator’s audio language portfolio and we are excited to finally cross this milestone, opening up one of the most dialectically complex languages on earth to anyone with a Skype account.

Skype Translator says Hello to RussianBuilt on world-class machine learning technology, Skype Translator allows Skype users speaking different languages to communicate with each other in real time. The more Skype Translator is used, the higher the quality of the translations. We are excited to explore what the future holds as more and more people from diverse backgrounds discover the magic of Skype Translator. User feedback is crucial to Skype Translator’s growth and we would like to sincerely thank all of our users and beta testers for their enthusiasm in helping us grow this product.

Skype Translator says Hello to Russian To try out Russian, or for those new to Skype Translator, simply click the globe icon in the Windows Desktop Skype.

Have a great Skype Translator story? We’d love to hear it! Please feel free to share it on social media using #SkypeTranslator. You can also share stories and feedback on the Skype Community, and if you need support, visit Skype Support.

Windows Insiders: Try Skype Translator on calls to mobiles and landlines

Since its introduction in 2014, Skype Translator has made it easier for you to connect with people around the world on Skype no matter where they are. We love bringing people together, and so today, we’re excited to announce the next milestone for Skype Translator: voice translation for calls to mobiles and landlines* on Skype Preview. You can now use Skype to call people on their phones and communicate across languages, even if they do not have Skype.

Starting today, we’re rolling out this new feature to members of the Windows Insider Program.** If you are a member of the program, ensure that you have the latest version of Skype Preview installed on your PC and that you have Skype Credit or a subscription. Select the dial pad, enter a phone number to see a Skype Translator option next to the call button. Tap it to bring up settings for Skype Translator. From here set the languages and place the call. Once the person on the other side picks up they will hear a short message stating that the call is being recorded and translated through Skype Translator and then you can start talking!

Skype Translator on Skype Preview

Additionally, you can start a call if someone is a Skype contact with a mobile or landline stored in the profile.* Select the contact, tap on the Skype Translator icon to bring up translate options. Save your options then tap the call button and select the phone number you want to call.

Skype Translator currently supports nine spoken languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, and Russian. Also, a good reminder that wearing a headset will significantly improve the Skype Translator calling experience. The more Skype Translator is used, the higher the quality of translations. We’re excited about this next milestone as it expands to getting more people using Skype Translator.

This new version of Skype Preview includes additional features such as:

  • Introduce friends and family on Skype by sharing their Skype contact details
  • Capture and share video messages with friends and family on Skype—even if they’re not online
  • Manage your conversations and save time by marking conversations as read or unread
  • Don’t miss another call by forwarding them to a mobile or landline*

We would love to hear what you think. Take a moment to visit the Windows Feedback app, search for Skype and upvote a trending topic or create a new entry.

Thanks for continuing to take this journey with us, we can’t wait to bring you even more!

*Requires Skype Credit or a subscription to use. To learn more, please visit

**The Windows Insider Program by Microsoft allows you to sign up for early builds of the Windows operating system ahead of release to consumers. The program is open to anyone, including early adopters and Windows enthusiasts who enjoy beta testing new software and want to provide feedback to Microsoft.

Mobile Trends 2017 – Augmented Reality, Chatbots & Co.

Auf der MobileTech Conference 2016 in Berlin spricht Entwickler.TV mit Markus Bokowsky über die Mobile Trends 2017 – Hardware, Innovationen, Gadgets und Apps, die den Mobile-Sektor im kommenden Jahr prägen werden. Darunter Augmented Reality (insbesondere Microsofts HoloLens), Chatbots, Smart Home, Apps und Gadgets für den Gesundheitssektor sowie vieles mehr.

Microsoft HoloLens Review, mind blowing Augmented Reality!

Microsoft HoloLens: HoloTour

Microsoft HoloLens Future is Amazing!

Microsoft Hololens outside testTop 3 Alternatives to Microsoft Hololens That You Can Buy Right Now!

Top 3 Alternatives to Microsoft Hololens That You Can Buy Right Now!

WordPress Übersetzungen ins deutsche sind fertig

so, für alle die WordPress auf dem Apple oder Android Gerät nativ nutzen wollen gibt es gute Nachrichten:
Die letzten Worte sind übersetzt in die deutsche Sprache – bin gerade damit fertig geworden.
Obwohl ich es ja gar nicht hätte machen sollen. Die könnten mal anfangen ein eigenes Ökosystem zu pflegen, und sich nicht ständig an der Open Source Mitarbeitern bedienen – die ham doch Geld UND VORALLEM SIE ZIEHEN JEDEN AB !!!
Aber die bekommen doch gar nichts auf die Reihe. Was haben Sie denn? Ein Betriebssystem, gut ok, eins. Kisten zusammen bauen können Polen oder Inder oder weiß der Teufel wer. Das ist gewiss keine Kunst.
Und Software? Ham se ja nicht. Ständig es immer darauf anlegen dass die anderen Manpower investieren, und sich beim schaffen ja die Finger net dreckig machen. Boa ich hasse sie so die Yuppie Einfallspinsel. Sorry: Feindbild No1. Konnte so Menschen noch nie ab.
Wie oft ist er denn Pleite gegangen der gute Steve Jobs? 2 mal. Und wer hat Ihm/Apple immer das Geld gegeben? Bill Gates. Und das hätte ja alleine nichts gebracht – da der Steve Jobs ja so clever war ein System zu entwickeln dass zu allem taugt, aber nicht zum arbeiten. Für mich war das kein Genie, für mich war das einfach nur ein Trottel.
Gut Adobe hat Ihnen gut zugespielt, aber das hat nicht gereicht. Da musste ein Office her das tut. Und wer hat die Scheißdrecks Office Entwicklung bezahlt und geleistet? Genau die Softwareentwickler von Microsoft. Kostenlos 😉 !!!! Immer noch. Hirn verbrannt in Californien zahlt keine müde Mark dafür. Sich an Entwicklerfirmen und Ehrenamtlichen vergreifen – junge junge … ich würde gerne mindestens einen von denen töten damit die anderen Wissen wie es Ihnen gehen könnte. Das ist das allerletzte! Geht gar net. Und alle bejubeln den Drecksack noch. Hat sowas Respekt verdient? Da hab ich aber was ganz anderes gelernt.
Naja, die falschen Götter, die falschen Drogen … ka mehr macha nix 😉
Judenpriester sind’s trotzdem – stinken, aber hallo weisch wie, aber die kochen doch auch nur mit wasser – da verwechseln sie allerdings den hahn – rofl
geil war nur, als ich aus jux mal was getestet habe (app technisch) dachte ich mir drücksch es knöpfle kommt ja fertig raus und stell des dann halt auch bei den gemüsehändlern aus Bagdad ein in denen ihren store.
jetzt war des ganze so, dass es einfach nur ne testapp war ….hajo alles easy schon tausendmal gemacht. soweit so gut. aber: es kam eine mail von apple. und die wollten folgendes: ich habe meine business seite von facebook gewrapt und in die app reingepackt. news channel – kann man so sagen. jetzt ham die gestörten typen gemeint, wenn ich die app drinnen haben will in ihrem virenschleudernden store, dann müsse ich was ändern – aber dann sei das gar kein problem. hat sich da doch tatsächlich ein arschloch die mühe gemacht und mein facebook profil (das öffentliche) gelesen. und, haja, im business bereich ham se so ca.2 -5 % marktanteil,wen se überhaupt mitspielen können (keine server, kein office, kein gar nix, nur idiotenkruschd) – die ham gar nix! Fakten, baby 😉 also, das dementsprechend gesagt. ich kann ja über keinen der nur 2% vom anderen macht genauso viel schreiben. ich (auch gar net sarkastisch) habe dann gleich angeboten ich könnte ja in jedem 20 bericht dann auch was über sie schreiben (wenn’s des überhaupt bringt) da sind ja noch gut bedient. normal jeder 50.te. und genauso habe ich es gesagt, nachdem der idiot noch glaubte er könne mich GROSSZÜGIG zum löschen von berichten animieren damit ich in dem seinen store reinkomme. hä? was bitte? seitdem kommt der erdogan auch gar nimmer so schlimm vor mit seiner zensiererei :-p
ja und jetzt hab ich doch die übersetzung gemacht, naja net für die, für die leute die kein englisch können 😉
na, wenigstens bin ich der gleiche nette typ geblieben wie immer …..aber genauso gewaltigt werde ich denen auch auf die theke scheissen.
So, und das posting, jetzt husch husch in allen blogs gepostet, den ganzen entwicklerformen usw und drunten noch die mail von den ran gehängt.
asta la vista – baby

List of the Best Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) Providers

Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) offers developers with a way to connect their applications to backend cloud database and storage while also providing important features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking services. These services come with their own Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help web and mobile developers quickly connect their products with their services.

This article compiles a list of the best BaaS providers for developers to quickly browse through and choose the most suitable for their own apps or webs.

If you know a good BaaS, please comment below so I can add it to this list.

Note: One of the most popular providers, Parse, is shutting down on January 28, 2017.

Jump to: Mobile Backend as a Service Providers for Network Gaming

Amazon AWS
AWS Mobile Hub offers developer with variety of tools to easily add and configure features for mobile apps. Those features are user authentication, backend logic, data storage, content delivery, push notifications and analytics; they are divided into different services which are Amazon Mobile Analytics, Amazon Cognito, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Lambda, AWS Device Farm and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). These services are priced separately based on usage. Each service has a free tier available.

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform allows you to build, test, and deploy apps on Google’s scalable and reliable infrastructure. Its cloud platform offers all necessary cloud products and services for compute, networking, storage, machine learning, big data, operations, and more. Each of the platform’s service has a different price.

Kumulos cloud platform provides app developers easy way to integrate its features into iOS and Android apps. Kumulos focuses on for mobile app agencies and keeps its price platform as pay-as-you-go. Its motto is to help developer save money when building an app and make money by delivering excellent services when the app goes live.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure whcih allows developers to build, deploy, and manage applications and services through Microsoft’s data centers. You can run Windows and Linux based applications in 30 Azure datacenter regions. Azure supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks. It has a calculator to help developers determien monthly cost based on used services.

Kinvey offers a complete BaaS service which powers entire businesses and important apps. Kinvey is trusted by many large enterprises, agencies and technology partners. Kinvey helps developer to start developing immediately with its tools and agile delivery model. Developer can switch from development to production with no useless code.

Backendless platform consists of 4 elements: mBaaS, hosting, API engine and marketplace. Its mBaaS has a lot of features to help developer build the top-notch mobile app. Your project’s data and file can be stored in its powerful, secure and reliable hosting. Backendless provides SDKs and REST APIs for easy development and quick deployment. Its marketplace provides a large variety of tools to make the development process easier.
appery_pricing differentiate it with other BaaS providers via its App Builder. This tool allows to develop app which can be run on both Android and iOS. combines enterprise-grade integration middleware with a browser-based rapid development environment and mobile backend services for developers to accelerate their mobile development.



Kii provides complete platform for connected experience. Developer can manage multiple vendors and dozens of SDKs with this platform. Kii helps develop, test, optimize, scale and run from a single integrated cloud platform. Kii will provide support developers throughout their project’s lifecycle.

Mobile Backend as a Service Providers for Network Gaming

Game BaaSes are similar to services above, but they are catered to network gaming, be it social, RPG, turnbased card games or realtime first-person shooter.

Game Sparks

Game Sparks has every from friends, leaderboards, chat, to realtime multiplayer. The service also provides teams, tournaments, lobbies and matchmaking. Game Sparks has a separated pricing package for indies and students, which is quite cheap compared to other services.


PlayFab offers back-end building blocks for online games, including storage, compute, commerce, analytics and other tools. PlayFab’s free tier has all features, which makes it quite a good option for indies’ multiplayer games.

Photon Engine

Photo Engine are trusted by many famous developers such as Square Enix, Microsoft Studios and Bandai Namco.


UNet is Unity’s built-in service for those who develops their games using Unity. It is not mandatory but it can be an easy start for Unity users as it comes with other Unity’s SDK.

another great cms

Evoq is Built on the Open Source CMS Platform of DNN Software.

The DNN® Platform, formerly known as the DotNetNuke® Community Edition is an open, extensible, secure, and scalable content management system for ASP.NET. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, from small local businesses to Global 1000 companies, depend on the DNN Platform as their website authoring environment. Over the last 10 years, DNN® has proven that it is a trustworthy and and reliable CMS platform that you can build your business on.


It’s absolut fantastic that these guys got over 750 000 installations.

A Web CMS Platform That Powers Rich Interactive Websites and Intranets


I know and i used dotnetnuke (like every old internet papa) in the first years – there it was the dominating system.


a few years later when i finished my education as software engineer and became more a pro and also a partner of microsoft.i remember these days – over ten years ago now – i did sometimes work with Chris how supportet me with his brilliant graphic works and i did the hacking stuff. it was a real funy time – attacke !!!

we where in a special Programm where we had a lot of support from micosoft – remember: the days when Microsoft startet to attack Linux dominant rolle as „the webserver“

well, not only WordPress and we where there: also the good old dotnetnuke

i tell this story because i am really happy that guys did the breaktrough


so long

sincerly Holger




WordPress 4.5.2 Sicherheits-Release

Hilfe bei WordPress benötigt?

Wir sind im WordPress Team und können daher Leistungen aus aller erster Hand anbieten.

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WordPress 4.5.2 Sicherheits-Release