Visit The Internet’s Dark Side At This Demented Apple Store


It’s like Black Mirror . . . but it’s real life.

The space is sparse, decorated only by tables full of gadgets for you to play with. Employees wear all white. And in the back? A a few „ingeniouses“ are ready to answer any questions you might have at the „bar.“

This new Nolita popup shop, which opened on Cyber Monday, isn’t Apple’s latest store. It’s actually an art installation called the Glass Room. Curated by Tactical Tech Collective (TTC) and Mozilla—yes, the same Mozilla behind the Firefox browser—the Glass Room is a collection of 54 pieces of art and technology, all of which feature a dark, humorous twist. The intent is not to sell you anything, but to get you to question your relationship with tech as a mindless consumer.

„We’re hoping there will be a moment of confusion for people who just walk in off the street,“…

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