another great cms

Evoq is Built on the Open Source CMS Platform of DNN Software.

The DNN® Platform, formerly known as the DotNetNuke® Community Edition is an open, extensible, secure, and scalable content management system for ASP.NET. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, from small local businesses to Global 1000 companies, depend on the DNN Platform as their website authoring environment. Over the last 10 years, DNN® has proven that it is a trustworthy and and reliable CMS platform that you can build your business on.


It’s absolut fantastic that these guys got over 750 000 installations.

A Web CMS Platform That Powers Rich Interactive Websites and Intranets


I know and i used dotnetnuke (like every old internet papa) in the first years – there it was the dominating system.


a few years later when i finished my education as software engineer and became more a pro and also a partner of microsoft.i remember these days – over ten years ago now – i did sometimes work with Chris how supportet me with his brilliant graphic works and i did the hacking stuff. it was a real funy time – attacke !!!

we where in a special Programm where we had a lot of support from micosoft – remember: the days when Microsoft startet to attack Linux dominant rolle as „the webserver“

well, not only WordPress and we where there: also the good old dotnetnuke

i tell this story because i am really happy that guys did the breaktrough


so long

sincerly Holger




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