Rolling up our responsive sleeves

Code Poet

We can all agree that responsive web design is the most important advance in designing for the web since we all abandoned tables in favor of CSS for layout. Now, here’s a chance to take your responsive chops to the next level. Pro tip: you might also be interested in our free ebook, WordPress Meet Responsive Web Design.

Quick Overview
In this video of his An Event Apart presentation, recorded on June 18th, 2012, Ethan covers how to use fluid grids and media queries to handle trickier elements of designing responsively, including advertising, complex layouts, deep navigation patterns, third-party media, and more. Allow the man who coined responsive web design back in 2010 with his canonical A List Apart article, to take you to the next level of designing a user experience that works, regardless of the size of the user’s viewport.

Image based on Ripple by…

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