Responsive Patterns

Code Poet

Recreating the wheel is so Stone Age. When you’re making responsive designs, there’s no need to start from scratch. Check out Responsive Patterns takes care of the layout heavy lifting for you, giving you more space and more time to focus on the killer details.

Layout, navigation, images, forms, media, and modules are all in there! Responsive patterns covers the gamut of permutations and commutations you’ll encounter in making your WordPress sites responsive. Did we mention that the carousel and navigation patterns put a gleam in our eye? What’s more, pro/con descriptions for each pattern give you just-in-time information to help you figure out where they’ll be most useful to you when you’re up against a deadline and trying to get a site out into the world.

Image Credit: „Czech Rep, Prague, Babushka“ by travellingtamas, CC-BY-2.0

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