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Website performance is a daunting, complicated subject; everything from servers, networks and the code itself affects the length of time it takes for our carefully-crafted pixels to arrive on the s…

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Getting Pricing Right

Code Poet

Let’s be honest, you got into developing or designing WordPress because there’s a market for it. If you wanted to scrape a living together between burger flipping gigs you’d still be working with SuperSiteDesignerPro++! or FrontPage.

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get your pricing right in a competitive marketplace. Do you charge per hour, per project or some arcane combination of the two? Are you so confident in yourself that you’re charging three times the market average, but sitting next to your inbox waiting for a client? Or are you fighting off hordes of clientele, working 22 hours a day between caffeine infusions, and still barely making rent? Pricing’s not only tough, it’s also a fiercely guarded secret for most people.

That’s why Code Poet asked a handful of professionals that have been through what you’re going through and come out the other side. People you’ve heard of…

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Rolling up our responsive sleeves

Code Poet

We can all agree that responsive web design is the most important advance in designing for the web since we all abandoned tables in favor of CSS for layout. Now, here’s a chance to take your responsive chops to the next level. Pro tip: you might also be interested in our free ebook, WordPress Meet Responsive Web Design.

Quick Overview
In this video of his An Event Apart presentation, recorded on June 18th, 2012, Ethan covers how to use fluid grids and media queries to handle trickier elements of designing responsively, including advertising, complex layouts, deep navigation patterns, third-party media, and more. Allow the man who coined responsive web design back in 2010 with his canonical A List Apart article, to take you to the next level of designing a user experience that works, regardless of the size of the user’s viewport.

Image based on Ripple by…

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Pods Framework

Code Poet

Need a way to create and extend custom post types, content types, taxonomies, users, media, or comments in your WordPress install? Then you might want to check out the Pods Framework. It’s open source under GPL, to boot.

Quick Overview
The Pods Framework puts you, the developer, in charge. It’s a plugin that contains an interface and PHP codebase that allows you to base content types off of their own custom tables designed around the needs of each content type. Built with love by the members of the WordPress community, for the WordPress community, it’s free as in speech for perpetuity.

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Responsive Patterns

Code Poet

Recreating the wheel is so Stone Age. When you’re making responsive designs, there’s no need to start from scratch. Check out Responsive Patterns takes care of the layout heavy lifting for you, giving you more space and more time to focus on the killer details.

Layout, navigation, images, forms, media, and modules are all in there! Responsive patterns covers the gamut of permutations and commutations you’ll encounter in making your WordPress sites responsive. Did we mention that the carousel and navigation patterns put a gleam in our eye? What’s more, pro/con descriptions for each pattern give you just-in-time information to help you figure out where they’ll be most useful to you when you’re up against a deadline and trying to get a site out into the world.

Image Credit: „Czech Rep, Prague, Babushka“ by travellingtamas, CC-BY-2.0

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WPSnipp: WordPress Snippets

Code Poet

You’ve got deadlines to meet, and the clock is not your friend. Enter WordPress code snippets – getting the job done without your having to reinvent the wheel.

Quick Overview

WPSnipp is a gigantic repository of awesome WordPress code snippets for you to put to use in your next project. Whether you’re wrangling shotcodes, galleries, or the the loop, you’re likely to find some handy helpers among the 600+ well categorized snippy-snips on offer here. You’re welcome.

Image based on Scissors by James Bowe, CC-BY-2.0.

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Web Publishing for All! Introducing Community Translator Tools News

Publishing tools for everyone

Roughly half of the content and traffic on the internet is in English1, yet English is the mother tongue of only about a quarter of internet users2, and less than 5% of the world’s population.3 We believe that should be for everyone, not just English speakers — it’s why we already serve WordPress in 131 languages — but we want to make it even more accessible.4

To keep so many languages up to date we need to make it radically easier for non-English speaking communities to help with translation. We’re proud to announce our latest step in that direction: the Community Translator.

Introducing: built-in translation

Here’s how it works: enable the tool in your blog’s settings. Then, when you activate the Community Translator, words in need of translation will be highlighted in green. You’ll be able to right-click on them, enter your new…

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